Private Morocco Desert Tours 2023/2024

A very warm welcome to you from all of us at Incredible Desert Trip, your personal point of access to incomparable experiences in the sublime Sahara Desert of Morocco. Nestled in the heart of this awe-inspiring landscape, Our locally based travel agency is situated at the core of this sensational terrain and we are dedicated to designing astounding adventures which are personalised and guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on your memory and have you yearning for further exploits in the spellbinding Sahara.

We, at Incredible Desert Trip, truly get that travelling isn’t simply a case of visiting destinations that you haven’t been to before, it’s more to do with becoming, for a time at least, immersed in the quintessential nature of the location. Therefore, we have carefully created a wide variety of exciting excursions crafted to enthral your senses and unveil the special secrets of the Moroccan Desert.

Whether you are a small group, a couple or a solo traveller, we can provide you with Morocco desert tours, luxury tours, day trips, camel rides in Morocco or oasis visits, as just a few examples of the remarkable range of the life-enhancing adventures we can present to you. So, if you’re looking for a romantic interlude, an action-packed adrenaline surge or an immersive cultural experience, our range of Morocco tours are tailored to each explorer’s needs and desires.


Morocco Desert Tours 2024/2025

Embark on unforgettable Morocco Desert Tours! Traverse golden dunes, experience Moroccab Amazigh culture, and create memories that last a lifetime.


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What travelers say about Incredible Desert Trips
  • Everything!!! The most amazing vacation we’ve ever had. Ibrahim was the reason why it was so amazing. He made the itinerary for us, helped with booking hotels, and from the time he picked us from the airport and then dropped us back 8 days later, it was the smoothest and most stress free vacation ever! He drove us to all destinations and was with us for 8 days. He is the kindest, polite, funny and patient person ever. We couldn’t have asked for a better travel host/guide. He arranged the on site guides for us before hand and took us to amazing restaurants. Morocco is an amazing country with amazing people. Can’t wait to come back to visit again!
    Shamaila W
  • My husband and just returned from an indescribable 9 day adventure to Morocco. The travel was very confortable and the accomnodation in each place was very especial. From the beginning getting picked up at the airport to getting dropped off nine days later, we were well taken care of by Ibrahim, our wonderful tour guide driver .
    He fook care of every detail to ensure our comfort troughout the journey. If you are traveling to Morocco for the first time as we were,you have no bette8r tour planner the Ibrahim and his team at incredible Desert trip! 

    Elsi Rodríguez
  • Thanks to Ibrahim’s accompanying and patience, we had a very good time in Morocco! Each city was in its unique style and we experienced super nice road trip with incredible scenery of Atlas! It’s unbelievable to go through grassland, gobi and desert in few hours’ ride. My only wish is to spend more time in Sahara next time. I’d like to spend rest of my life in the desert for the starry night!
    Kexin L
  • We had a great 12 day trip and tour with Ibrahim! He was so kind, knowledgeable, and flexible on our trip which made the experience much better. We went from Casablanca -> Chefchouen -> Fes -> Sahara -> Atlas Mountains -> Marrakech and Ibrahim made sure everything was handled for each of our stops making it very easy for us to meet with tour guides, deal with the hotels, and feel safe along the way. We highly recommend Ibrahim and his tour guidance and will send any friends interested in this trip to Ibrahim and the tour company.
    Jill A
  • We had a great experience with incredible desert trip , my husband and I booked a tour from Marrakesh to the Sahara desert and we had an amazing two nights stay at a wonderful camp .Our driver Ibrahim shared a lot about Moroccan culture and answered all our questions and believe me we asked a lot of them,He is a very skilled drive.The experience was definitely the highlight of our trip to Morocco.
    Thank you Ibrahim for making this experience incredible.



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